Things To Do In Biccari

Eat, hike, explore, and more!

Hotel B&B Caterina - Byzantine Tower // Lodging, alloggio, alojamiento  - Biccari, Italy

When you look at a picture of Biccari from the forest above it, two things stand out:  The Byzantine Tower standing 23 meters tall, built between 1116 and 1122, and the Church of Maria SS. Assunta, built in the mid 1800s on top of a pre-existing 17th century church. Today with just under 3000 permanent residents, but thanks to the initiative of selling off abandoned properties in the historic center for the price of one to 20,000 Euro, there is more going on here than ever before! The program has attracted home buyers from all over the world, and after renovations, they bring family and friends, either to visit or to stay.

The Piazza And Market

The Biccarese (people from Biccari) are very welcoming and helpful. There are several very good restaurants, trattorie (small family establishments) and pizzerias in town, as well as numerous bars, and a main piazza where you can find people strolling and chatting most any day.  During the warmer months, Biccari holds concerts and markets and other events.

The Piazza & Market - Biccari // Hotel B&B Caterina // Lodging, alloggio, alojamiento  - Biccari, Italy
B&B Caterina - The Piazza - Biccari, Italy
B&B Caterina - The Piazza - Biccari, Italy
B&B Caterina - Church Of Maria SS. Assunta - Biccari, Italy

Explore The Outdoors

Biccari, Italy - Lake Pescara

Lake Pescara

Explore the highest lake in the Dauni Mountains, the Area Natural Lago Pescara

Biccari - Giant Bench

Giant Bench

See the Giant Bench at the base of the highest mountain in Puglia, Monte Cornacchia

Biccari, Italy - Parco Daunia Avventura

Parco Daunia Avventura

Acrobatic course suspended in the trees for children and adults.

Biccari, Italy - Mount Cornacchia

Trek Mount Cornacchia

On foot or by bicycle, explore the trails on Mount Cornacchia and the Faeto Forest. See spectacular views on a clear day!

Biccari, Italy - Festa del Borgo Vecchio

Festa del Borgo Vecchio

An event to celebrate the old historic center of town, including a wine and food path through the village with art & music.

Biccari, Italy - Natural Amphitheater

Natural Amphitheater

300 seat forest amphitheater for summer concerts and other events


See All Of Puglia!

Puglia, Italy

See all of Puglia in a day!

The larger cities of Lucera (20 mins by car), or Foggia (40 mins) offer shopping, cultural activities, nearby medieval villages, with good highways to visit major attractions like the Trulli of Alberobello. Less than an hour away is the Foresta Umbra natural reserve, a protected area deep within the Gargano National Park. The port cities of Bari and Manfredonia, and further south in Puglia to Taranto, Brinidisi, Otranto, Gallipoli and beyond offer beautiful beaches and seafood, all within a day’s drive.

Feast day of San Donato, the Patron Saint of Biccari

Experience Biccari in August

In August, book your stay IN ADVANCE, as Biccari fills up with people enjoying the mountain sports outside of town and the feast day of San Donato, the Patron Saint of Biccari.  Since this coincides with the country-wide holidays in the month of August known as “Ferragosto”, Biccari gets very busy!