How To Get Here!

By land or air!


Vico I Duomo Nr. 3
71032, Biccari (FG), Puglia, Italy

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B&B Caterina - Biccari, Italy - Arrive by Air

By air

The easiest way to get to Biccari is to fly to either Naples or Bari and rent a car then drive.
You can also get here by public transportation, but it is cumbersome and lengthy.


Capodichino International Airport


Karol Wojtyla International Airport


Fiumicino, Ciampino, or any Rome airport

B&B Caterina - Biccari, Italy - Arrive by Car / Train

By car/train

Fly to Bari or Naples, then rent a car. If you fly to Rome, you can take a train to Naples, and rent a car from there.


(2hr 19m - 190km)
Get on SS162 coming from Corso Meridionale, Via Taddeo da Sessa and Via Emanuele Gianturco - 7 min (3.0 km). Take A16/E842 to SP105 in Ascoli Satriano. Take exit Deliceto from SS655 - 1 hr 37 min (144 km) Follow SP106, SP109 and SP132 to Via Guglielmo Marconi in Biccari. You can also take a train from Naples to Foggia, and from there a bus to Lucera and then to Biccari.


(1 hour, 46 minutes - 165 km)
Get on Autostrada A14/Autostrada Adriatica/A14 in Modugno from Via Giuseppe Capruzzi, Via Bruno Buozzi and SS96 - 15 min (9.8 km). Follow Autostrada A14/Autostrada Adriatica/A14 to SS673 Dir/SS89 in Foggia. Take exit Foggia from Autostrada A14/Autostrada Adriatica/A14 - 1 hr 5 min (118 km). Take SS 16 Adriatica/SS16/SS673, SP117 and SP132 to Via Guglielmo Marconi in Biccari - 31 min (36.4 km).


(by train)
Take the fast train to Naples from Roma Termini station. It’s only 225 kilometers (140 miles) from Rome to Naples, and there are high-speed trains which make the trip in just 1 hour and 10 minutes. As of spring, 2022, the high-speed train costs €43 or US$50. You can take the slow train too, and it costs about US$15 or €13. Then rent a car from there.

B&B Caterina - Biccari, Italy - Arrive by Public Transit

By public transit

The national railway has trains that go to Foggia. From there you can take a local train to Lucera (Ferrovie del Gargano). There are local trains almost every hour between Foggia and Lucera.
More info: click here

From Lucera to Biccari a Taxi would cost about 40 Euro. There are buses that go from Lucera to Biccari in the morning and in the afternoon.